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Teaching Teachers to Teach On-line

November 29, 2005 by Administrator · 13 Comments · Uncategorized

I learn best by learning basic concepts, through discussions, visuals (examples), readings, lectures, etc… and then practicing those concepts with some kind of hands on activities. I really liked the idea of developing a course or parts of a course and then implementing the course to see how it works. However, I do not feel like I have adequate background knowledge in this area so doing this with little direction has been difficult. If I were teaching how to teach online I would provide more instruction on implementing and using the tools that are expected to be used in developing the course. The background knowledge that I do have is teaching and developing face-to-face courses, courses I have taught on-line that have already been developed, and courses that I have taken on-line…so I have tried to draw from these experiences in order to develop the course that I wanted to implement for this course. However, this has been a huge guessing game since I am not sure how to go about putting a face-to-face course on-line or if the practices that other instructors have used are the best to use. The language of technology is a lot like the language of statistics, it is a different language from that used in the typical person’s language. It would be helpful to learn the definitions of some of this language. I think that it would have been helpful to have some step-by-step instruction on how to go about developing an on-line course (“the do’s and don’ts of on-line course development”). I think that many of the students in a course will have varying levels of knowledge and experience in the subject area so finding out what they have experience with would be helpful. Having discussions about the students’ experience with on-line learning and what they think has worked well in courses they have taken and what they think has not worked well in on-line courses they have taken might also be useful. Most of all I think that it is important to give students the goals and expectations of the course at the beginning of the course as well as a timeline in order to help students plan their schedules.      

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